What's new December 2017

Hello my friends.. So it's been awhile since I had a website running but I think it's time to go next level.  I finally got settled in here in Arizona and right now in the process of hitting the pavement and getting shows lined up.  Plans for the upcoming year will be new music.  Hoping to get a full length CD out but if I have to get it done track by track so be it. I'll be focusing mostly on solo shows to get things rolling sprinkled with some full band shows from time to time. Well keep checking back from time to time as I'll definitely update everyone at least once a month.  If you want to see what I am doing around the Phoenix area check out some of my social media pages and let me know of some shows you think I should check out or if you know a good restaurant I should try let me know. Well have a good one y'all and talk to ya very soon. 


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