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Laughter is the Best Medicine

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The Madison Center for the Arts, 5601 N 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ

fargo arizona will be performing various time throughout the evening. An intimate show to begin the night as guests get ready for the main event. Then before the headliner comedy act fargo arizona will play a short set on the main stage. Then after the event he will be back in the reception area to play some more music for your listening pleasure. (Ticket details will be posted closer to the event)

Latest News

Halloween is coming... 

Hey y'all...well things have been going great and have had some interesting shows. I've been dabbling in the film industry meeting new people and getting interested in film but I still have my love for music so hoping to bring them together. Who knows my work on getting in post production. Anywho I have some fun shows coming up here in October and my travel show up in my home state of Minnesota so hoping to see some friends from that area. Well have a good one and I'll keep trucking along and maybe I'll see you on my travels....

Starting to get things a rollin' 

Hello y'all.. Well I've been starting to get some gigs here in Arizona and have been enjoying playing. I think that I might get a full band going here shortly. I am also looking to head to Minnesota sometime in the next few months to play some shows for a week so stay tuned for that. Have a good one y'all…..

Hello y'all 

How's it going y'all. I know I haven't posted in a bit so let me know how you're doing. I've been working the ol' 9-5 but my mind is missing music. I have been working on new music and since my move back to Arizona I've been having to get my voice back up to singing for 3 hour shows. I'm real close so I've been on the lookout for some venues to do some solo shows so if you have any ideas in the Phoenix metro area let me know. I'd like to keep to the east valley since that's where I reside but I am willing to know west valley is still in the city. I'd also be open to venues outside of the city because I know it's getting closer to that crazy "dry" heat.

On another note I am working with another musician so we can do some duo shows and in the near future I'm looking around October to be doing full band shows and I'm pretty excited about that. Be sure to follow me on Facebook as I'll be posting videos from time to time of new music....and some old favorites. Have a great day y'all.

Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas everyone I hope y'all having a great time. I'm looking forward to being a lot more busy this coming year and things are looking up. Making the right connections here in Arizona so an fyi to those starting out in this music thing.  NETWORK!!! It will always help you out meeting other musicians in the business and usually they are willing to give some advice and guidance.  Well, again, Merry Christmas and of course Happy New Year.


fargo arizona

What's new December 2017 

Hello my friends.. So it's been awhile since I had a website running but I think it's time to go next level.  I finally got settled in here in Arizona and right now in the process of hitting the pavement and getting shows lined up.  Plans for the upcoming year will be new music.  Hoping to get a full length CD out but if I have to get it done track by track so be it. I'll be focusing mostly on solo shows to get things rolling sprinkled with some full band shows from time to time. Well keep checking back from time to time as I'll definitely update everyone at least once a month.  If you want to see what I am doing around the Phoenix area check out some of my social media pages and let me know of some shows you think I should check out or if you know a good restaurant I should try let me know. Well have a good one y'all and talk to ya very soon. 


fargo arizona